Boston Courier Service - Excellence in Boston, Massachusetts Same Day Courier Delivery Service
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1 Hour Delivery: Get immediate same day delivery to and from any address in Eastern Massachusetts. Providing that the delivery mileage is 20 miles or less, from point of call we will pick up and deliver your shipment within 60 minutes or less.

If you select one hour delivery and your order involves greater than 20 miles, the one hour selection would then indicate the fastest possible delivery time. Generally speaking your usground customer service representative will inform you at time of order, of how long it will take for our courier to complete your order.

With usground you can expect total honesty. If weather (snow, ice or heavy rain) is causing heavy traffic or slower travel speeds, you can expect your usground customer service representative to inform you of any delay at the time of order.

Bike Messenger: With bicycle messenger service we will pick up and deliver in as little as 30 minutes when you request RUSH!

Note: There is an increase when requesting "rush" service. Also, please note that bike messenger service is only available in Boston proper and the immediate surrounding areas.