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Our guarantee!

Deciding on which courier company you can trust to deliver your shipment is serious business. If you go with a small company lacking in experience, or a large impersonal corporation, it could be detrimental to your business. Missed deadlines, lost packages, destroyed shipments or a nonprofessional courier is just what you don't need. With usground you have our guarantee that these things will not happen. Our dispatch center and all personnel involved are trained on how to avoid mistakes. They are understood that accountability is everything in the courier business.

We run better than 99 percent mistake free. When we do make a mistake, we are honest with our client regarding the circumstances surrounding the mistake. It could be that the glass in a picture frame cracks, or perhaps your shipment arrives 15 minutes late. Regardless of the mistake, in these rare occasions, we contact our customer immediately. Customer communication is everything to us, it's our policy and our way of doing business. The proprietors and management of usground wouldn't have it any other way. With usground you have our guarantee that if we make mistake, we will make it right. Regardless of cost, rerouting, redelivery or reimbursement (within reason), we guarantee that you will be made to feel satisfied.

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