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Press Release

News, January 2014

We are pleased to announce some additions to our truck fleet. Recently we purchased several new cutaway "box trucks", which we equipped with "Tommy Gates" above bed lift gates. These trucks are extremely versatile and enable us to handle small freight deliveries in a more fuel efficient vehicle. Typically we would have had to use a dock height straight truck to pick up and deliver a small pallet, crate or really anything which requires a truck. The Tommy Gate platform has a 6" tapered end, this makes rolling a large copy machine or crated medical equipment easier and safer. In addition, we have equipped our new trucks with E Track. This ensures freight and fragile equipment is transported safely by eliminating freight from tipping over or sliding.

We also added a few new cargo vans with a similar philosophy in mind. Again, by equipping cargo vans with Tommy Gates we have a more versatile fleet. Unlike freight forwarders we specialize in same day rush delivery and distribution. If we can use less truck and get the same job done then clearly we can keep our costs down, which means our rates will be less than our competitors. Just like with the box trucks, our new cargo vans have been equipped with E Track. Transporting shipments safely has always been on the top of our priority list.

The first few trucks went on the road in April and the customer feedback has been all positive. Our drivers too have provided us with good reports. They have found the Tommy Gates to be extremely easy to use and enjoy the attention these new trucks draw.

In conclusion we know that our new trucks will never be able to replace our heavier trucks, nor can they handle ten pallets from Boston to New York. This was not our intention; instead we operate with more options for our customers. When it comes to moving freight and heavy shipments we believe usground is better equipped than any of our New England competitors.

For information about our same day trucking and distribution services, or if you have a question about the above bed lift gates, please feel free to email us at: